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3 décembre 2015, 14h | Séminaire EDYTEM

“The World We Want” and “The World We Have” in the Face of a Changing Climate

Amphi Nivolet, campus scientifique du Bourget du lac

This presentation centers on a UN initiative that began in 2000 called “The World We Want” starting with the concept of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This initiative gathered the priorities from a million people around the globe to form a collective vision of civil societies to develop “The World We Want.” While it is an admirable goal, the pathway to creating such a world has many challenges. “The World We Want” is a “social invention” in that it is meant to enlighten and inspire civil society, giving it a voice in international decision-making processes broadly related to the environment, but more specifically to long-term climate change goals. However, getting to “The World We Want” from the “The World We Now Have” requires cooperation, compromise, and “satisficing” in the face of a changing climate. Can we have “The World We Want” without “The Climate We Want ?”

Mickey has been a Senior Scientist since 1983, and is director of the CCB. He is interested in how climate affects society and how society affects climate, and especially how climate anomalies and human activities interact to affect quality of life issues. He has edited several books and is the author of numerous articles on issues related to climate, environment, and policy. He organizes multidisciplinary, multinational workshops on climate-related issues.

The Consortium for Capacity Building is an educational, outreach, and networking organization at CU-Boulder. We focus on enhancing the value and use of climate, water, and weather information for the betterment of societies and the wellbeing of individuals. CCB works in both developed and developing countries to help the most vulnerable societies and populations mitigate and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. Consortium partners are individuals and institutions working globally on capacity building in water, climate, and society issues.

Conférence de Michael Glantz
Director of the Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB),
INSTAAR, University of Colorado (USA)


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