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Summer Graduate Seminar "Understanding and Managing Climate Change : Coping with Sea Level Rise", Venice International University, 10-22 July 2017

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Understanding and Managing Climate Change : Coping with Sea Level Rise.
Dates : 10-22 July 2017


The Graduate Seminar will give students a broad perspective on the impact of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise upon coastal areas from the social, economic and environmental points of view. Causes and consequences of global warming, and its impact on the state of the oceans and internal seas will be addressed and discussed, and changes in the hydrological cycle will be examined. Using data and models to explore future scenarios, the impact of sea-level rise on coastal morphology, ecosystems, water resources, population and health will be presented and discussed. Students will explore, in class and in the lab, state-of-the-art monitoring technologies and available datasets.

The Venice Lagoon will be used as a “laboratory”, the ideal case-study to explore the intertwined dynamics of human and natural systems. The Venice Lagoon is a diverse ecosystem providing invaluable services, which has been deeply transformed over the long history of the Venetian State and, in more recent years, by extremely impacting engineering works. There will be four field trips closely linked to the topics discussed in class in order to explore some of the issues caused by Sea Level Rise in the lagoon and surrounding areas.

The Seminar is organized by and in collaboration with the following research institutions :
- Duke University (Sonia Silvestri, Scientific Coordinator)
- National Research Council of Italy
- Università degli Studi di Padova
- Universitá Ca’ Foscari Venezia
- Università IUAV Venezia
- INRS University
- KU Leuven