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Geoheritage is now recognized as a territorial resource onto which to build local development. It can be used to leverage protected and labelled areas by turning environmental value into sources of sustainable development.

As an example, leveraging geotourism is a way to help transitioning through the economic challenges brought by climate change. But turning geoheritage into a territorial resource also requires the careful inventory of those geosites best suited to fuel an effective local development. Geosites are here defined as delimited areas that offer sets of geological or geomorphological objects endowed with a scientific and some additional values susceptible to support an educational or geotouristic use.

This symposium aims at providing a state-of-the-art view of recent researches and experiments conducted in the field of geosites management, specially considered within the proactive framework of sustainable management applied to protected areas.

Participants are invited to submit papers relevant to geosite management in protected areas. We welcome either high-level papers (e.g. global management) or more specific categories such as inventory, identification, impact measurement and methods, including geosites used for tourism and/or environmental education.

With this symposium we also wish to seize the opportunity to explore how new information technologies can impact geosites and their management. An Intensive Course will be dedicated to this topic as the first event of the Symposium, followed by an International Conference – second event of the Symposium – with a special session about this topic. So we also welcome papers and posters that will further explore how digital technologies allow to build innovative and attractive tools for the promotion and the management of geosites.

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